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The Hike
In 2003, we began a quest to hike the Appalachian Trail to support a "giving fund" established for our forever three year old daughter, Julianna. Since then, we have logged around 1766 miles.
At the Hike's inception, I needed to do something for Julianna. I needed a purpose of good to prevent me from becoming permanently lost in my misery. My friends, wanting to save me, suggested an annual hike in the woods and the rest, as they say, is history. Little did I know what this annual journey could give to me.
After the past seventeen years of hiking, I am filled with hope, earned perspective, appreciation for life and unequivocal determination. Moreover, I have recognized that struggle is an integral part of life and when we endure we emerge better than we have ever been.
Rollover each year below to see the trip's overview and click to see more about that year's journey on the hike.
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